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Poster of the Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting 2003


The Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting

July 5-9, 2003, Alicante, Spain

CNS*2003 meeting program


9.45 : Announcements and opening remarks

ORAL SESSION: Information coding

10.00 : Featured oral : A. Kepecs, S.M. Sherman, J. Lisman
A burst duration code in the thalamus

10.50 : Daniel A. Butts and and Mark Goldman
Which are the best encoded stimuli in a sensory neuron's tuning curve

11.10 Break

11.40 : Don H. Johnson
When does interval coding occur?

12.00 : Brendan Mumey, Aditi Sarkar, Tomas Gedeon, Alex Dimitrov, John Miller
Finding Neural Codes Using Random Projections

12.20 : Frances S. Chance & Alex D. Reyes
Controlling Neuronal Sensitivity to Synchronous Input

12.40 : Adrienne Fairhall and Blaise Aguera y Arcas
Finding the invariant feature space of a neural computation

13.00 : Lunch

14.30 - 18.00 : POSTER SESSION : Synchronization and oscillation

Erik Fransn and Vicente Charcos Llorns
Intrinsic desynchronization properties of neurons containing dendritic rapidly activating potassium currents

Timothy J. Lewis and John Rinzel
Dendritic Effects in Networks of Fast-Spiking Interneurons Connected by Inhibition and Electrical Coupling

Hiroshi FUJII and Ichiro TSUDA
Neocortical gap junction-coupled interneuron systems may induce chaotic behavior itinerant among quasi-attractors exhibiting transient synchrony

Angelo Di Garbo, Santi Chillemi, Alessandro Panarese
Phase locking states between Fast Spiking interneurons coupled by electrical and chemical synapses

Georgi S. Medvedev and Jaime E. Cisternas
Multimodal regimes in chains of electrically coupled oscillators of Morris-Lecar type

Zuohua Zhang Dana H. Ballard
A single spike model of predictive coding

Masaki Nomura, Tomoki Fukai and Toshio Aoyagi
Gamma frequency synchronization in a local cortical network model

Harvey M, Puccini G, Descalzo VF , Reig R, Compte A and Sanchez-Vives MV.

Erez Persi, David Horn, Ronen Segev, Eshel Ben-Jacob, Vladislav Volman
Neural Modeling of Synchronized Bursting Events

Steven L. Bressler Andrea Brovelli Anders Ledberg Mingzhou Ding
Charting Causal Influences Between Cortical Sites Associated by Synchronized Beta-Frequency Oscillations

Andreas Knoblauch Friedrich T. Sommer
Spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticity can form zero lag links'' for cortical oscillations.

Mingzhou Ding
Identifying Generators of Neural Oscillations in the Presence of Noise Gersch Causality versus Granger Causality

Gordon Pipa
NeuroXidence A Quick algorithm for finding spike-pattern with jitter in case of multiple Neurons

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : System dynamics

Renaud Jolivet, Alexander Rauch, Hans-Rudolf Luescher, Wulfram Gerstner
Predicting the spike train of cortical neurons with high reliability

Destexhe A, Badoual M, Piwkowska Z, Bal T and Rudolph M.
A novel method for characterizing synaptic noise in cortical neurons.

Response of a LIF neuron to inputs filtered with arbitrary time scale

Jianfeng Feng Guibin Li
Stimulus-evoked Synchronization in Neuronal Models

Benjamin Lindner and Andre Longtin
Rate and CV of a type I neuron driven by white noise

Nicolas Fourcaud, David Hansel, Carl van Vreeswijk, Nicolas Brunel
Response of neurons to high frequency inputs

Shinichi Nagai
Non-self Rejection by Emergent Structures on Evolving Networks of the Spiking Neurons

Alon Keinan, Claus C. Hilgetag, Isaac Meilijson, and Eytan Ruppin
Causal Localization of Neural Function The Shapley Value Method

Chris Eliasmith Charles H. Anderson
A General Framework for Constructing Large-Scale, Biologically Plausible Simulations

Peter Andras
Pattern Languages A New Paradigm for Neurocomputation

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Network properties

J.J. Torres, M.A. Muoz, J. Marro and P.L. Garrido
Influence of topology on a neural networks performance

Hiroshi Okamoto, Tomoki Fukai
Propagation of quasi-stable activation in a chain of recurrent neural networks

V Del Prete and ACC Coolen
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of recurrent networks with realistic neurons

Grzegorz M. Wojcik, Wieslaw A. Kaminski
Liquid State Machine Built of Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons and Pattern Recognition

David DeMaris
Comparison of raw state space and coarse grained space separation in coupled map classifier networks

Mattia M., Del Giudice P.
Mean field predictions for interacting excitatory and inhibitory populations of spiking neurons

Giugliano M., Del Giudice P., Luscher H.R., Mattia M.
The single neuron as a probe for distributed synaptic activity evoked in "in vitro" neocortical slices through multi-site electrical stimulation

Tanya I. Baker, Jack D. Cowan
Neural Networks and Forest Fires

La Camera Giancarlo, Senn Walter, Fusi Stefano
Comparison between networks of conductance- and current-driven neurons stationary spike rates and subthreshold depolarization

Toshio Aoyagi, Takaaki Aoki
Possible Role of Synchronous Input Spike Trains in Controlling Function of Neural Networks

Compte A, Descalzo VF , Reig R and Sanchez-Vives MV
On How Excitability And Inhibition In The Cortical Network Modulate Spontaneous Slow Rhythms

Mark van Rossum and Alfonso Renart
Optimal connectivity profiles for the transmission of population coded signals.

Martin Rehn, Anders Lansner
Sequence memory with dynamical synapses

Maria Marinaro Silvia Scarpetta
Noise effects in a cortical model

Fabian P. Alvarez Alain Destexhe
Simulating cortical network activity states constrained by intracellular recordings

Arjen van Ooyen, Laurens Bosman, Arjen Brussaard
Influence of the decay time of GABAergic postsynaptic currents on the spatial spread of network activity

Marcus Kaiser & Claus C. Hilgetag
Modelling the development of cortical networks

Markus Reigl(1), Uri Alon(2), and Dmitri B. Chklovskii(1) (1) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 (2) Weizmann Institute, Israel
Search for computational modules in the C. elegans brain

Keren Saggie, Alon Keinan and Eytan Ruppin
Spikes That Count Rethinking Spikiness In Neurally Embedded Systems.

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Learning and plasticity

Christian D Swinehart & L.F. Abbott
A Neuronal Mechanism for Supervision of Hebbian Learning

Garcia-Sanchez, Marta Huerta, Ramon
Neural networks with Hebbian learning do not outperform random ones in fan-out systems

William B Levy
Contrasting Rules for Synaptogenesis, Modification of Existing Synapses, and Synaptic Removal as a Function of Neuronal Computation

David J. Jilk, Dan Cer, Randall C. OReilly
Effectiveness of Neural Network Learning Rules Generated by a Biophysical Model of Synaptic Plasticity

Eugene M. Izhikevich and Niraj S. Desai
Relating STDP to BCM

Yutaka Sakai and Kaoru Nakano and Shuji Yoshizawa
Synaptic regulation on suppressing STDP rules

Jean-Pascal Pfister David Barber Wulfram Gerstner
A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity

Clifton C. Rumsey L.F. Abbott
Synaptic Equalization by Anti-STDP

Christo Panchev and Stefan Wermter
Spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticity from single spikes to spike trains

L. C. Yeung, B. S. Blais, L. N Cooper and H. Z. Shouval
Metaplasticity and the Unified Calcium Plasticity Model lead to input selectivity in spiking neurons

Michael Arnold
Using an Internal Model in a System with Dopamine-like Reinforcement Learning

Wako Yoshida and Shin Ishii
A possible function of anterior prefrontal cortex in a model-based reinforcement learning; a computational model and an fMRI study.

Bruce McCormick Yoonsuck Choe Wonryull Koh
Construction of Anatomically Correct Models of Mouse Brain Networks

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Anatomy and morphology

Jan Karbowski
Theoretical neuroanatomy scaling in cortical area connectedness

Armen Stepanyants, Gbor Tams, and Dmitri B. Chklovskii
Are spatial positions of dendritic and axonal branches correlated or independent?

Orit Shefi, Amir Harel, Dmitri B. Chklovskii and Amir Ayali
Biophysical constraints on neuronal branching

Dafna Fonds, Ronald van Elburg, Arjen van Ooyen
Influence of dendritic topology on firing patterns in model neurons activated by synaptic stimulation of the dendritic tree

Seiichi Sakatani, Akira Hirose
Analysis of the influence of differences in somatic symmetry and sharpness on the firing rate

Douglas R. McLean, Arjen van Ooyen, Bruce P. Graham
Continuum model for tubulin-driven neurite elongation

Albertas Janulevicius, Jaap van Pelt, Arjen van Ooyen
The effect of dynamic instability of microtubules on growth cone dynamics

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Thalamus

Nada A.B. Yousif and Mike J. Denham
Action potential backpropagation in a model thalamocortical relay cell.

Baktash Babadi
Stimulus transmission by tonic and burst responses in a minimal model of thalamic circuit

Vikaas S. Sohal and John R. Huguenard
Inhibition regulates burst intiation in reticular neurons during thalamic oscillations

J.E. Rubin and D. Terman
Deep Brain Stimulation and its Possible Effect on Information Transfer in the Thalamus

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Motor system

Ronald Bormann Juan L. Cabrera John G. Milton Christian W. Eurich
Visuomotor Tracking on a Computer Screen - An Experimental Paradigm to Study the Dynamics of Motor Control

Erhan Oztop, Daniel Wolpert, Mitsuo Kawato
Mirror neurons key for mental simulation?

Eric Ronco and Olivier J.-M. D. Coenen
Modeling motor control with a spinal cord

Eden, Uri Truccolo, Wilson Barbieri, Ricardo Brown, Emery
Adaptive Neural Filtering Applied to Hand Movement Coding in Primate Primary Motor Cortex During a Hand Tracking Task

L. Paninski, M. Fellows, S. Shoham, N. Hatsopoulos, J. Donoghue
Nonlinear population models for the encoding of dynamic hand position signals in MI

Sophie Deneve and Alexandre Pouget
Kalman filtering and sensorimotor integration by recurrent biological neural networks

F. Carenzi, P. Bendahan, V.Y. Roschin, A.A. Frolov, P. Gorce, M.A. Maier
A generic neural network for multi-modal sensory-motor learning

Roberto Latorre, Francisco de Borja Rodriguez, Pablo Varona
Effect of individual spiking activity on rhythm generation of Central Pattern Generators

Boris Vladimirski Joel Tabak Michael O'Donovan John Rinzel
An Excitatory Neural Network Model of Spontaneous Activity in Developing Spinal Cord Using Synaptic Depression

P.D. Kuo, C. Eliasmith
Understanding interactions between networks controlling distinct behaviors Escape and swimming in larval zebrafish

Pablo Varona, Rafael Levi, Yuri I. Arshavsky, Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Allen I. Selverston
Competing Sensory Neurons and Motor Rhythm Coordination

K.N. Gurney and P.G. Overton
A model of short and long range selective processing in neostriatum

Leonid L. Rubchinsky, Nancy Kopell, Karen A. Sigvardt
Basal Ganglia Model Network for Motor Control in Healthy Subjects and Parkinsonian Patients

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Cerebellum

Volker Steuber, Erik De Schutter and Dieter Jaeger
Passive Models of Neurons in the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei Effect of Reconstruction Errors

Marja-Leena Linne, Tiina Manninen and Tuula O. Jalonen
A Model Integrating the Cerebellar Granule Neuron Excitability and Calcium Signaling Pathways

David Philipona and Olivier J.-M. D. Coenen
Model of the granular layer of the cerebellum

Sarro, L.M.
Characterization of dendrites as nonlinear computation devices

Michiel Berends, Reinoud Maex, Erik De Schutter
A computational study of the modulation of the extrasynaptic GABAA conductance in cerebellar granule cells

Rossella Conti,Yusuf P.Tan,Isabel Llano
Action potential and ryanodine evoked calcium rises in synaptic terminals of cerebellar basket cells

Michele Bezzi, Thierry Nius, Olivier J.-M. Coenen and Egidio D'Angelo
An Integrate-and-Fire model of a Cerebellar Granule Cell

ORAL SESSION : Cellular mechanisms

18.00 : Invited Oral : Henry Markram, Maria Toledo-Rodrigues
Genetic signatures of electrophysiological diversity in neocortical neurons

18.50 : Rudolph M, Pelletier JG, Pare D and Destexhe A.
Estimation of synaptic conductances and their variances from intracellular recordings of neocortical neurons in vivo

19.10 : Jesse E. Hanson and Dieter Jaeger
Dendritic spike initiation in globus pallidus neurons results in an enhanced influence of excitatory inputs not predicted by somatic dynamic current clamping

19.30 : Hugh T. Blair, Daniel C. Boyar
Synapse-Specific Coincidence Detection by Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels

19.50 - 21.00 : Poster session continued

SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2003

9.45 : Announcements and opening remarks

ORAL SESSION : Synchronization and oscillation

10.00 : Featured oral : Gennady S. Cymbalyuk, Andrey L. Shilnikov and Ronald L. Calabrese
Yin and yang of leech heart central pattern generator endogenously bursting neurons yoked together into a half-center oscillator

10.50 : L. Alvado, J. Tomas, S. Saghi, S. Renaud, T. Bal, A. Destexhe, G. Le Masson
Hardware computation of conductance-based neuron models

11.10 Break

11.40 : Enrico Rossoni, Gareth Leng, Jianfeng Feng
Modelling Phasic Firing in Vasopressin Neurones

12.00 : Tom Tetzlaff, Abigail Morrison, Theo Geisel, Markus Diesmann
Consequences of realistic network size on the stability of embedded synfire chains

12.20 : Yuval Aviel, David Horn and Moshe Abeles
Waves in a Small Balanced Network Require Counter Action

12.40 : E. Olbrich and P. Achermann
Oscillatory events in the human sleep EEG - detection and properties

13.00 Lunch

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Olfactory system

Daljeet S. Gill, Keith J. Albert, David R. Walt, and Tim C. Pearce
Activity-dependent model of axonal targeting in the developing olfactory bulb driven by population coded chemosensor input

Maxim Bazhenov, Luca Finelli, Seth Haney, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Gilles Laurent
Effects of a synaptic learning rule on the sparseness of odor representations in a model olfactory system

Orit Kliper, David Horn, Briggite Quenet, Gideon Dror
Analysis of Spatiotemporal Patterns in a Model of Olfaction

Ramon Huerta, Thomas Nowotny, Marta Garca-Sanchez, H. D. I. Abarbanel,M. I. Rabinovich
Discrimination and association in insect olfaction

Fabio M. Simoes-de-Souza Antonio C. Roque
Self-Sustained Waves In A Computational Model Of The Olfactory Epithelium With Gap Junctions

Sanchez-Montanes, M.A. Pearce, T.C.
Optimal Odour Stimulus Reconstruction via Stochastic ORN Gene Selection

Sachin S. Deshmukh, Raghav Rajan, and Upinder S. Bhalla
Temporal coding of repeated stimuli in the olfactory pathway

Alla R. Borisyuk, Brian H. Smith
Odor interactions and learning in a model of the insect antennal lobe

Ron Jortner, Ofer Mazor and Gilles Laurent
Local Connectivity in the Locust Antennal Lobe

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Somatosensory and other systems

Ehsan Arabzadeh, Rasmus S. Petersen and Mathew E. Diamond
Features of whisker movement encoded by rat barrel cortex neurons

S. Panzeri, F. Petroni, M.E. Diamond, R.S. Petersen
Decoding latency codes a solution to the stimulus time problem

Rasmus S. Petersen, William Bialek and Mathew E. Diamond
Coding of naturalistic stimuli by neurons in rat somatosensory cortex A spike-triggered covariance analysis

Miguel Maravall, Rasmus S. Petersen, Adrienne L. Fairhall, Ehsan Arabzadeh, and Mathew E. Diamond
Effects of adaptation on information coding in rat somatosensory cortex

E. Snchez, J. Aguilar, C. Rivadulla and A. Canedo
The role of Glyclinergic interneurons in the Dorsal Column Nucle

Jonathan House, Ruediger Krahe, Ling Chen, and Mark Nelson
Natural background noise and the detection of weak signals in the electrosensory system

Niklas Ludtke, Mark E. Nelson
Smart Sensing Strategies for Detection and Tracking Using Multiresolution Spatiotemporal Filtering

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Visual system

David E. Huber and Tim Curran
Immediate Repetition Priming Measuring Synaptic Depression with ERPs

Alex Lewis Raquel Garcia Li Zhaoping
Understanding cone distributions from saccadic dynamics. Is information rate maximised?

Hiroyuki Ito, Akio Hirata, Pedro E. Maldonado, Charles M. Gray
Unitary Event Analysis of Synchronous Activities in Cat LGN

Hauke Bartsch, Sepp Hochreiter, Klaus Obermayer
Learning Quadratic Forms by Density Estimation and its Applications to Image Coding

M. Bethge D. Rotermund K. Pawelzik
The influence of tuning width and dynamic range on the acuity of population codes

Jarmo Hurri, Jaakko Vyrynen and Aapo Hyvrinen
Spatiotemporal Receptive Fields Maximizing Temporal Coherence in Natural Image Sequences

Laurent Perrinet, Manuel Samuelides
Emergence of filters from natural scenes in a sparse spike coding scheme

J.A.F. Heimel, S.D. Van Hooser, E. de Jong, S.B. Nelson
A genetic algorithm to find effective visual stimuli

Gonzalo Garcia de Polavieja, Mikko Juusola
The rate of information transfer of natural stimulation by graded potentials

Asohan Amarasingham, Ting-Li Chen, Stuart Geman, Matthew Harrison, David Sheinberg
Spike Count Variability and the Poisson Hypothesis

Xoana G. Troncoso Stephen L. Macknik Susana Martinez-Conde
A simple receptive field model for the multiplexing of shape and intensity in the early visual system

Charles H. Anderson Brandon Westover Greg DeAngelis
A New Look at Cat Simple Cells

Thomas J. Sullivan, Virginia R. de Sa
A Temporal Trace and SOM-based Model of Complex Cell Development

Martin Stetter and Elmar W. Lang
Modeling Texture-Constancy in Cortical Grating Cells

Elie Bienenstock Anastasia Anishchenko Stuart Geman
Committed Complex Cells

Jim Wielaard, Paul Sajda
Mechanisms for Surround Suppression in a Spiking Neuron Model of Macaque Striate Cortex (V1)

Haruka Nishimura, Ko Sakai
Determination of Border-Ownership Based on Surround Context of Contrast

Ryan Kelly, Tai Sing Lee
Decoding Visual Input based on V1 Neuronal Activities with Particle Filtering

Simon J. Thorpe, Rudy Guyonneau, Nicolas Guilbaud & Rufin VanRullen
SpikeNet Real-time visual processing with one spike per neuron

Simon R. Schultz and J. Anthony Movshon
Are transient spikes special? An information study of the MT response to the onset of visual motion

Silvio P. Sabatini and Fabio Solari
Emergence of Motion-in-depth Selectivity in the Visual Cortex through Linear Combination of Binocular Energy Complex Cells with Different Ocular Dominance

Lars Schwabe Klaus Obermayer
A functional interpretation of global-to-fine refinement in inferior temporal cortex

Narihisa Matsumoto and Masato Okada
Neuronal Mechanisms for Hierarchical Encoding in Inferior-Temporal Cortex

J. M. Medina, J. R. Jimnez andL. Jimnez del Barco.

Francisco J. Pelayo, Samuel Romero, Christian A. Morillas, Antonio Martnez, Eduardo Ros, Eduardo Fernndez
Translating image sequences into spike patterns for cortical neuro-stimulation

Daniel A. Butts Adrien E. Desjardins Garrett B. Stanley
Model-Based Information Calculations for Neuronal Encoding

Odelia Schwartz, Javier R. Movellan, Thomas Wachtler, Thomas D. Albright,Terrence J. Sejnowski
Spike count distributions, factorability, and contextual effects in area V1

Thomas Z. Lauritzen and Kenneth D. Miller
The contributions of inhibition and noise to responses in V1.

Hsin-Hao Yu and Virginia R. de Sa
Nonlinear reverse correlation with synthesized naturalistic noise

Jonathan W Pillow, Liam Paninski, Eero P. Simoncelli
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neural Model

PAntonio Turiel, Jos M. Delgado and Nstor Parga
Learning efficient internal representations from natural image collections

Thierry Vieville and Sylvie Crahay
A deterministic biologically plausible classifier

Thomas Wennekers
Fitting of spatio-temporal receptive fields by sums of Gaussian components

Duane Q. Nykamp
Assessing the inherent nonlinearity of visual neurons simple cells versus complex cells

Alexander Lerchner, Mandana Ahmadi, John Hertz
High Conductance States in a Mean Field Cortical Network Model

O. Beck K. Obermayer
Contrast adaptation by adjusting neurotransmitter release probability in a hypercolumn model of visual cortex

Alexander Maye and Markus Werning
Temporal Binding of Non-Uniform Objects

Raul C. Muresan
The Coherence Theory Simple Attentional Modulation Effects

Maxim Volgushev, Joachim Pernberg and Ulf T. Eysel

Igor V. Filippov, William C. Williams, Valeri A. Frolov
Spectral shifts of very slow (0-0.5 Hz) potential oscillations in the structures of brain visual system during different illumination changes in freely moving rats

Gregor Rainer, Han Lee, Gregory V. Simpson, Nikos K. Logothetis
Working-memory related theta (4-7Hz) frequency oscillations observed in monkey extrastriate visual cortex

Udo A. Ernst, Sunita Mandon, Klaus R. Pawelzik, and Andreas K. Kreiter
How ideal do macaque monkeys integrate contours?

Philip S. Ulinski, Wenxue Wang and Bijoy Ghosh
Roles of Feedforward and Feedback Inhibition in Controlling Propagating Waves in Visual Cortex

Seth A Herd and Randall C O'Reilly
Parallel Neural Network Models of Visual Search

Christian W. Eurich and Erich L. Schulzke
Irregular connectivity in neural layers yields temporally stable activity patterns

Buice, Michael Cowan, Jack
On the Temporal and Phasic Response of Activity Profiles in the Bresslof-Cowan Sphere Model of a Hypercolumn

James A. Bednar and Risto Miikkulainen
Prenatal and postnatal development of laterally connected orientation maps

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Information coding

Maneesh Sahani and Jennifer F. Linden
Population Stimulus-Response Functions

Naoki Masuda and Kazuyuki Aihara
Dual coding and effects of global feedback in multilayered neural networks

Ichiro Tsuda and Hiroshi Fujii
Chaotic Itinerancy in the Cortical Gap Junction Systems Can Mediate Cognitive Function

Katsunori KITANO and Tomoki FUKAI
Does the temporal precision of spike coincidences represent animal's elevated expectation of predictable events?

Matt Lengyel, Peter Erdi, Alessandro Treves
Decoding the activity of neural networks biological decoding and constant metric content

Antonio Tristan, Francisco de Borja Rodriguez, Eduardo Serrano, Pablo Varona
Networks of Neurons that Emit and Recognize Signatures

Jacob Kanev, Gregor Wenning, Klaus Obermayer
Approximating the response-stimulus correlation for the integrate-and-fire neuron

Aurel A. Lazar
Time Encoding with Neuronal Ensembles

Don H. Johnson
Limits of population coding

Joanna Tyrcha and W. B Levy
Another Contribution by Synaptic Failures to Energy Efficient Processing by Neurons

M.G. Paulin, L.F. Hoffman and C. Assad.
Distributed Coding by Single Spikes in the Bullfrog Vestibular Nerve A Basis for Dynamical Computation in Neural Systems.

J. Szczepanski, J.M. Amig, E. Wajnryb, M.V. Sanchez-Vives
Characterizing spike trains with Lempel-Ziv complexity

Kosuke Hamaguchi and Kazuyuki Aihara
Quantitative Information Transfer through Layers of Spiking Neurons Connected by Mexican-Hat type Connectivity.

Jadin C. Jackson and A. David Redish
Measuring ensemble consistency without measuring tuning curves

David H. Goldberg and Andreas G. Andreou
Spike Communication of Dynamic Stimuli Rate Code versus Temporal Code

Liam Paninski
Design of experiments via information theory

Brendan K. Murphy Kenneth D. Miller
Multiplicative Gain Changes Are Induced By Excitation or Inhibition Alone

Yuguo Yu Tai Sing Lee
A possible dynamical origin for contrast gain control

14.30 - 18.00: POSTER SESSION : Robots and silicon neurons

Christina Dimaki
Embodied simulation of animal behaviour; a way towards intelligent engineering designs

David P.M. Northmore
A network of spiking neurons develops sensorimotor mechanisms while guiding behavior.

Sergio Martinoia1, Vittorio Sanguineti2 , Luca Berdondini3, Jaap van Pelt4, Sylvie Renaud-Le Masson5, Gwendal Le Masson6, Fabrizio Davide7 1Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering (DIBE), University of Genoa (ITALY) 2Department of Informatics
Towards an embodied in-vitro electrophysiology the NeuroBIT project

David C. Tam
Computational Efficient Circuitry for Detecting Shadows in Hexagonal Array of Compound Eye

ORAL SESSION : Learning and plasticity

18.00 : Invited Oral : Yang Dan
Visual cortical plasticity: from synapse to perception

18.50 : Minoru Tsukada, Takeshi Aihara
Spike timing dependent LTP and LTD in the CA1 area of hippocampal slices by the optical imaging

19.10 : Jaime de la Rocha Ruben MorenoNestor Parga
Correlations modulate the non-monotonic response of a neuron with short-term plasticity

19.30 : Walter Senn and Stefano Fusi
Slow stochastic learning with global inhibition a biological solution to the binary perceptron problem

19.50 - 21.00 Poster session continued

21.00 : Banquet (Santa Barbara castle)

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2003

9.45 : Announcements and opening remarks>

ORAL SESSION Visual system

10.00 : Featured oral : Stephen L. Macknik Susana Martinez-Conde
The spatial and temporal effects of lateral inhibitory networks and their relevance to the visibility of spatiotemporal edges

10.50 : Guillaume A. Rousselet, Marc J-M. Mac & Michle Fabre-Thorpe
Comparing animal and face processing in the context of natural scenes using a fast categorization task.

11.10 : Break

11.40 : Nicole C Rust, Odelia Schwartz, J Anthony Movshon, and Eero P Simoncelli
Spike-triggered characterization of excitatory and suppressive stimulus dimensions in monkey V1 directionally selective neurons

12.00 : Marco Buiatti, Carl van Vreeswijk
Variance normalisation: a key mechanism for temporal adaptation in natural vision?

12.20 : Aapo Hyvarinen, Jarmo Hurri and Jaakko Vayrynen
A unifying framework for natural image statistics Spatiotemporal activity bubbles

12.40 : Leslie C. Osborne, W. Bialek, S. G. Lisberger
Tight Correlation Between The Time Course Of Sensory And Motor Estimates Of Target Direction In Smooth Pursuit.

13.00 Lunch

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Synaptic mechanisms and signal transduction

Kazuhisa Ichikawa
Localization of Activated Ca2+/calmodulin-Dependent Protein kinase II within a spine Modeling and computer simulation

Sridhar Raghavachari and John E. Lisman
A glutamate spike generates the quantal response by preferentially activating AMPA channels near the site of vesicle release

Bruce P. Graham, Adrian Y.C. Wong, Ian D. Forsythe
A multi-component model of depression at the calyx of Held

H.G.E. Hentschel, C.S. Pencea, A. Fine
Computing with Calcium Stores and Diffusion

Isao Goto, Shingo Kinoshita, Kiyohisa Natsume
The Model of Glutamate-induced Intracellular Ca2+ oscillation and Intercellular Ca2+ wave in brain astrocytes.

Maria Bykhovskaia, Elena Polagaeva
Increase in the releasable pool of synaptic vesicles underlies facilitation

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Cellular mechanisms

Keun-Hang Yang, Piotr J. Franaszczuk, and Gregory K. Bergey
The Influence of Slow Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels on Epileptiform Activity in a Neuronal Model of Pyramidal Cells

Krisztina Szalisznyo, Laszlo Zalanyi
Role of hyperpolarization activated conductances in the auditory brainstem

Carrie Diaz Eaton and Sharon Crook
Modeling ion channels from the cricket cercal sensory system

Gideon Gradwohl and Yoram Grossman
Analysis Of Dendritic Distribution Of Voltage Dependent Channels Effects On Epsp And Its Reciprocal Inhibition In -Motoneurons Computer Model

M. Griffin D.M. Halliday
Axial current reversal promotes synchronous correlation between dendritic membrane potentials during large scale synaptic input.

Evan Haskell Gary J. Rose
The electrical properties of Dendritic Spines and the Temporal Filtering Properties of Neurons

James B. Maciokas Philip H. Goodman John Kenyon
Accurate Dynamical Models of Interneuronal GABAergic Channel Physiologies

Kristofer Halln, Mikael Huss, Petronella Kettunen, Abdeljabbar El Manira, Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski
A model of mGluR-dependent calcium oscillations in lamprey spinal cord neurons

David C. Sterratt and Arjen van Ooyen
Does a dendritic democracy need a ruler?

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Databases

Hugo Cornelis and Erik De Schutter
Neurospaces Parameter Handling

Robert C Cannon
Minimally Redundant Declarative Connectivity Specification for Hierarchically Structured Cell Populations

David Beeman and James M. Bower
Simulator-independent representation of ionic conductance models with ChannelDB

Weihong Qi Sharon Crook
Tools for neuroinformatic data exchange An XML application for neuronal morphology data

Mihail Bota Larry W. Swanson Hong-Wei Dong
The Brain Architecture Management System

Shiro USUI, Isao YAMAGUCHI, Hidetoshi IKENO, Keisuke TAKEBE, Yasuo FUJII
Visiome environment Enterprise Solution for Neuroinformatics in Vision Science

Ying Zhang* and Peter Andras
Automated Building of Neuroscience Knowledge-bases

F Howell, R Cannon, N Goddard
How do we get the data to build computational models?

Raphael Ritz, Rainer Frster, Andreas VM Herz
LabTools An integrated web-based framework for the publication of neuro-scientific data

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Software and methods

R. Wood; K.N. Gurney; C.J. Wilson
A Novel Parameter Optimisation Technique for Compartmental Models Applied to a Model of a Striatal Medium Spiny Neuron

M. L. Hines N. T. Carnevale
Discrete Event Simulation in the NEURON Environment

Michael Arnold Dan Hammerstrom Marwan Jabri Terrence Sejnowski
Neural Systems Integration

James A. Bednar, Yoonsuck Choe, Judah De Paula, Risto Miikkulainen, Jefferson Provost, and Tal Tversky
Modeling cortical maps with Topographica

Pedro Piero, Pavel Garcia, Leticia Arco, Alfredo lvarez, M. Matilde Garca, Rolando Bonal
Sleep Stage Classification using Fuzzy Sets an Machine Learning Tecniques

G.J. Ortega, M. Bongard, E. Louis and E. Fernande
A simple and fast method to represent rates and temporal patterns in multielectrode recordings

Folkers, A. Stemman, H Menne, K.M.L. Norlin, P. Kindlundh, M. Freiwald, W. Hofmann, U.G.
Realtime wavelet-based clustering for a 64 channel multisite recording system

Karim G. Oweiss , David J. Anderson, Marios M. Papaefthymiou
Optimizing Signal Coding in Neural Interface System-On-a-Chip Modules

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : EEG studies

G. Gualniera (1), G. Garreffa (2), P. Morasso (1), M. Carn (2), G. Granozio (5), A. Repetti (1), D. De Carli (2),G.B. Ricci (3), P. Pantano (3), L. Bozzao (3), V. Nucciarelli (3), V. Roma (4) and B. Maraviglia (2). [1] Dept. Of Informatics, Systems, Te
A method for real time artifact filtering during simultaneous EEG/fMRI acquisition preliminary results

S. C. O'Connor and P. A. Robinson
Wavenumber power spectrum of the EEG, ECoG, and ERP

Yuqiao Gu, Geir Halnes, Hans Liljenstrom and Bjorn Wahlund
A cortical network model for clinical EEG data analysis

I. Bojak, D.T.J. Liley, P.J. Cadusch and K. Cheng
Electrorhythmogenesis and anaesthesia in a physiological mean field theory

Alfredo Vellido, Wael El-Deredy, Thomas Gruber, David H. Zald, Francis P. McGlone and Mathias M. Mller
Reward predictability and oscillatory brain processes

Philip Low, Sylvan Shank & Daniel Margoliash
The Organization of Sleep States in Zebra Finches

Wim van Drongelen(1), Hyong C. Lee(1), Mark Hereld(2), Michael E. Papka(2,3) and Rick L. Stevens(2,3). (1)Department of Pediatrics, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 60637; (2)Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Simulation of Neocortical Epileptiform Activity using Parallel Computing

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Attention

PGwendid T. van der Voort van der Kleij Frank van der Velde Marc de Kamps
Increasing number of objects impairs binding in visual working memory

Frank van der Velde Marc de Kamps Gwendid T. van der Voort van der Kleij
CLAM Closed-loop attention model for visual search Silvia Corchs and Gustavo Deco
Effects of feature-based attention simulation of an fMRI experiment.

Santiago Jaramillo Barak A. Pearlmutter
A Normative Model of Attention Receptive Field Modulation

Koshizen T., Heisele B., Tsujino H.
Expectation maximization of prefrontal-superior temporal network by indicator component-based approach

Angela Yu, Peter Dayan
Acetylcholine, Norepinephrine, and Spatial Attention

David Eriksson
Extracting and exposing predictive cortical columns for selective attention

Byung Taek Kim and Soo-Young Lee
Sequential Recognition of Superimposed Patterns with Top-Down Selective Attention

Paul Tiesinga, Jean-Marc Fellous, Emilio Salinas, Jorge V Jose, Terrence J Sejnowski
Synchronization as a mechanism for attentional gain modulation

Fred H Hamker
The emergence of spatial attention in visual search

Luciana Carota, Giacomo Indiveri, Vittorio Dante
A software-hardware selective attention system

Linda Lanyon Susan Denham
A biased competition computational model of spatial and object-based attention mediating active visual search

Hidetoshi Ikeno
Flight control of honeybee in the Y-maze

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Hippocampus

Alan H. Bond
Learning by doing using a system-level approach to the brain

Jesse A. Gillis, Liang Zhang, and Frances K. Skinner
Time-Frequency Analysis of Hippocampal Ripple-like Rhythms

V. Makarov, A. Sanchez-Jimenez, F. Panetsos
A neural network model describing simultaneous stimuli properties selection and their subsequent composition in the hippocampus

Ricardo A. Chavarriaga Eric Sauser Wulfram Gerstner
Modelling directional firing properties of place cells

Szabolcs Kali, Tamas F. Freund
The contributions of different interneuron types to the activity patterns and plasticity of pyramidal cells in the hippocampus

Remus Osan Joe Tsien
Memory consolidation in a Hopfield model with Synaptic Re-entry Reinforcement mechanism

Kit Longden
The effect of perforant path mediated GABAb inhibition on CA1 activity.

T. Degris, N. Brunel, A. Arleo
Rapid response of head direction cells to reorienting visual cues a computational model.

Remme,M.W.H. Wadman,W.J.
Control of a small neuronal network by feedforward and feedback inhibitory interneurons

Gergo Orban, Tamas Kiss, Mihaly Hajos, William Hoffmann, Peter Erdi
GABAergic modulation of theta activity in the septohippocampal system

Valentin P. Zhigulin, Mikhail I. Rabinovich
An Important Role of Spike Timing Dependent Synaptic Plasticity in the Formation of Synchronized Neural Ensembles

Gergely Papp, Zsfia Huhn, Mt Lengyel, Peter Erdi
Effects of dendritic location and different components of LTP expression on the firing activity of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells

Aguiar P.
Hippocampal mossy fiber boutons as dynamical synapses

Horacio G. Rotstein, Martin Gillies, Miles A. Whittington, Eberhardt H. Buhl, Nancy Kopell

N. Montejo, M.N. Lorenzo, V. Perez-Muuzuri, and V. Perez-Villar
Spatiotemporal behavior in networks of Ca3 region in the hippocampus

Fernanda Saraga and Frances K. Skinner
Location, location, location (and density) of gap junctions in multi-compartment models

Robert Kozma, Haizhon Li, Walter J Freeman

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Memory

Jeremy B. Caplan
Unifying models of paired associates and serial learning insights from simulating a chaining model

Daniel D. Ben Dayan Rubin
Synaptic value bounds for optimizing retrieval in recurrent neural networks

Boris S. Gutkin, Tim Hely, Juergen Jost
Noise Delays Onset of Sustained Firing in a Minimal Model of Persistent Activity

Adam Kepecs
Accounting for the dynamics of working memory Bumps move to decide

Tetsuto Minami Toshio Inui
A Recurrent Neural Network Model of Rule-guided Delayed Tasks

Julien Mayor and Wulfram Gerstner
Parallel Processing in a Sparsely-connected Recurrent Neural Network a Model for Ultra-short Term Memory

Emilio Salinas and Nicholas Bentley
Bistability in oscillatory cortical modules

Daniel Durstewitz
Interval time representation through a self-organizing single cell neural integrator

Gustavo Deco and Edmund Rolls
Visual Working Memory Neuronal Dynamics in Prefrontal Cortex

14.30 - 18.00 POSTER SESSION : Auditory system

Linda J. Larson-Prior and Don L. Jewett
Neural processing of high-rate auditory stimulation under condtions of increased sensory load

Shin'ichiro Kanoh, Ryoko Futami, Nozomu Hoshimiya
Sequential Grouping of Tone Sequence as Reflected by the Mismatch Negativity

Petr Marsalek and Jiri Kofranek
Sound localization across the frequency range

Christian K. Machens, Michael S. Wehr, Carlos D. Brody, Anthony M. Zador
Spectro-temporal receptive fields of subthreshold responses in auditory cortex

Brian J. Fischer and Charles H. Anderson
A computational model of sound localization in the barn owl.

Marcus Borst, Andreas Knoblauch, Gnther Palm
Modelling the Auditory System Preprocessing and Associative Memories using Spiking Neurons

ORAL SESSION : Cognitive

18.00 : Invited Oral : Peter Dayan
Predictions, Actions and Dopamine

18.50 : Pieter R. Roelfsema, Arjen van Ooyen
A new reinforcement-learning model for categorization tasks

19.10 : Madany Mamlouk, Amir Martinetz, Thomas
On the Dimensions of the Olfactory Perception Space

19.30 : Gustavo Deco, Edmund Rolls, and Barry Horwitz
Integrating fMRI and Single-Cell Data of Visual Working Memory

19.50 - 21.00 : Poster session continued

23.00 Party