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Poster of the Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting 2003


The Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting

July 5-9, 2003, Alicante, Spain

CNS*2003 Map of local area and transportation info

The conference will be hosted at two different venues around the harbor of Alicante. Oral sessions in the morning and evening will occur at the "Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo" (CAM) Auditorium ("Aula de Cultura de la CAM") in the intersection of "Parque de Canalejas" and "Avenida Doctor Gadea" (see D in the map). The entrance is at 1, Avenida Dr. Gadea. The conference will start in this place on July 5 at 9:45 am. The poster sessions will be hosted in the room "sala Europa" on July 5, and in the room "sala Alicante" on July 6 and 7 of the hotel Meliá, a 5 minute walk from the CAM Auditorium (see no. 2 in the map).

Airport transportation:

A taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs 12-15 euros. There is also public bus service connecting the airport to the city and serving all CNS*03 hotels: as you exit the airport terminal walk across the street and up the stairs to an upper level street, there you can take the bus C-6 leaving the airport everyday at irregular times ( see schedule "Salidas desde Aeropuerto"). If you go to the hotels "Tryp Ciudad de Alicante" (no. 12 in the map), "Meliá" (no. 2 in the map) or "Spa Porta Maris" (no. 25 in the map) your stop is the last one: "Puerta del Mar", you'll see the big Spanish flag in the middle of a traffic rotary/roundabout. If you go to hotel "Rambla" (no. 20 in the map) or hotel "Tryp Gran Sol" (no. 3 in the map) your stop is "Portal de Elche" (the one before last). If you go to the hotel "Alfonso el Sabio" (no. 22 in the map) your stop is "Alfonso X el Sabio (Colmena)". The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and costs 1.05 euros.


Summer in Spain means tons of tourists flock to our coastal resorts. This keeps our economy going (tourism is the most important industry in Spain and last year Spain displaced the Unites States as the world's second-favorite tourism destination. France holds the number one spot) but it also brings some inconveniences. The one that tourists are more likely to experience is pick-pocketing in and around touristic areas. This is especially acute in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but it never does any harm to use some precaution also in Alicante. Make sure your carry your wallet and purse in a safe location to avoid being pick-pocketed.

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Map of Allicante