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Poster of the Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting 2003


The Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting

July 5-9, 2003, Alicante, Spain

CNS*2003 Room-mate list

Sorry the list can not be displayed on this page, just because the system was not designed to serve this kind of requests. To access the list you need to logon first.

Putting the list behind the logon is an extra step to take but it shields the information from the always hungry email-web-robots, we all have to deal with spam-mail and we do not like to make it worse.

To logon you can use the same username and password that you used for the paper submission on this site. In case you forgot the password the system can mail it back to you.

After logon, please follow the link "CNS 2003 Room-mate list" ( the second link on the menu). Now you will get a page that's allows you to add / change your entry or to display all entries in the list.

So please follow this link to the logon-page or press the "login" button from the menu on top.