The INCF/OCNS Software Working Group

WG meeting 14 June 2022

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.

These are the meeting logs (and additional progress notes) from the Software WG meeting that was held on 14th June, 2022. The next progress meeting will be held in July. For any clarifications and suggestions, please open a new ticket.


0800 UTC

  • Malin Sandstrom
  • Thomas Nowotny
  • Felix Kern
  • Ankur Sinha

1700 UTC

  • Jim Perlewitz
  • Marcel Stimberg
  • Ankur Sinha

CNS*2022 Satellite tutorials

The primary goal of the meeting was to check up on our preparations for upcoming the satellite tutorials.

  • Milestone:
  • INCF: blog post:
  • ACTION: Ankur check if posted on Neurostars DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur send reminder to all tutors to record session: they’ll be uploaded to the INCF training space: DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur set up simple feedback form up with a simple text box WIP
  • ACTION: Ankur update schedule page with recordings as soon as they become available DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur add links to OSBv2 repositories/workspaces on schedule page. DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur send out reminder e-mail in week before tutorials DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur check on slide for working group DONE
  • ACTION: Ankur e-mail slide to tutors and request them to introduce the working group: ask WG members to do it for sessions they’d attend, need to get them in touch with tutors. INCOMPLETE
  • ACTION: Ankur ask a few WG members to login to and make then co-owners so multiple people can edit the doc and Ankur is not the single point of contact/failure. DONE (added Shailesh)

Tasks from last meeting

Moving comp-neuro mailing list

There was a short discussion about moving the comp-neuro mailing list to INCF infrastructure.

  • Archives would need to be kept
  • Need to investigate how much work it is to migrate archives
  • Can we get an estimate of the cost for moving + running? (needed to progress w INCF discussion of hosting)
  • Possible solution: move to a cloud provider
  • Ankur can also reach out to Fedora/Red Hat/IBM to see if they can host our mailing lists as part of some type of sponsorship. WIP