The INCF/OCNS Software Working Group


  • Please subscribe to our announcement mailing list at incf-ocns-software-wg AT All announcements related to events, and related to discussions are sent to the list. The discussions themselves remain on GitHub to allow us to organise work using GitHub tickets and so on.
  • We have a chat room on Matrix/Element where we hang out. It is also bridged to a room on Gitter.
  • We use GitHub discussions as our primary discussion channel. Say hello!.
  • We are also reachable at the OCNS category on Neurostars.
  • Both working group chairs are also reachable at the OCNS Webmaster’s e-mail address at webmaster AT
  • Our events are also published on World Wide Neuro.

The primary mode of communication for the working group is via GitHub discussions and issues. To allow our global membership to communicate directly with each other, we also have regular virtual working group meetings and developer sessions, see the schedule below.

Since the working group is shared by the INCF and OCNS organisations, we request that all members of the working group ensure that they are members of either of these organisations also.


From January 2022, the working group will meet regularly in the second week of each month. To allow members from different time zones to attend, the meeting will be held at both 0800 UTC and 1700 UTC with members attending whichever one slot suits them better. Additionally, the meeting will move through the different days of the working week to allow members with long standing work meetings to attend (see this ticket for a discussion on meeting times). The agenda is collected on GitHub tickets, and we meet on Jitsi. Please feel free to drop in.

The meeting schedule for 2023 is:

2023 Meeting Schedule
Date Time Agenda Notes
Monday, January 16 2023 0800/1700 UTC Link Link
Tuesday, February 14 2023 0800/1700 UTC Link Link
Wednesday, March 15 2023 0800/1700 UTC Link Link
Friday, April 21 2023 0800/1700 UTC Link Link
Monday, October 09 2023 0800/1700 UTC Link Link
Tuesday, November 14 2023 0800/1700 UTC    
Wednesday, December 13 2023 0800/1700 UTC