The OCNS/INCF Software Working Group


The primary mode of communication for the working group will remain on Neurostars. However, the regular developer sessions will be supplemented with virtual working group meetings to allow our global membership to communicate with each other.

Since the working group is shared by the INCF and OCNS organisations, we request that all members of the working group ensure that they are members of either of these organisations also.


From January 2022, the working group will meet regularly on the second Monday of each month, with the time of the meeting alternating between 1700 UTC and 0800 UTC to allow members from different time zones to attend. The agenda is collected on GitHub tickets, and we meet on Jitsi. Please feel free to drop in.

The meeting schedule for 2022 is:

2022 Meeting Schedule
Date Time Agenda Notes
January 10 2022 1700 UTC Link  
February 14 2022 0800 UTC    
March 14 2022 1700 UTC    
April 11 2022 0800 UTC    
May 9 2022 1700 UTC    
June 13 2022 0800 UTC    
July 11 2022 1700 UTC    
August 08 2022 0800 UTC    
September 12 2022 1700 UTC    
October 10 2022 0800 UTC    
November 14 2022 1700 UTC    
December 12 2022 0800 UTC