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poster of the Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting 2003


The Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting

July 5-9, 2003, Alicante, Spain

Table of contents of CNS03 Proceedings Book

Conference Proceedings :

All authors who presented a poster or gave a talk are entitled to submit one paper to the proceedings volume which will also appear as a paper in the journal NeuroComputing. Based on past statistics we expect that less than 200 papers will be submitted so that no selection is needed. We have send out instructions on how to submit by e-mail (in case you did not receive our mail please contact chris). Electronic paper submission should be done no later than October 20, 2003.

Main Meeting July 5-7

Meeting Program
Poster boards are 180 x 180 cm

Workshops July 8-9

Workshop Schedule (registration to the meeting is required!) workshop

Registration desk in Alicante

Registration: participants will be able to register and/or retrieve their documentation on Friday July 4 from 18:00 to 20:00 in the hotel Meli hall or during the morning and evening oral sessions in the CAM Auditorium starting Saturday July 5 at 8:30.
Who is coming

Map of local area and transportation info

Map & info

Registration :

Registration fees (cover both the main meeting and workshops):
Early student registration: 110 euro
Early regular registration: 240 euro
Late student registration: 140 euro
Late regular registration: 80 euro
Download the registration form (pdf). Early registration will close on May 30th (evening).

Travel grants :

We have obtained several sources of funding for travel grants. Travel grants will be available to registered attendees who present a paper or give a talk at the workshops. Priority will be given to young scientists and those who can demonstrate financial hardship.
Travel grant application forms will be available at the meeting itself, grants will be awarded after the meeting.

Accommodation and flights :

Download the accomodation form (pdf)
Information about the hotels (pdf)
Please note: "Hotel Rambla" is full !
Practical information about getting to and staying in Alicante

Room-mate list :

If you search someone to share a room, please have a look at the Room-mate list

Dates and venue :

CNS*2003 will be held in Alicante from Saturday, July 5, 2003 to Wednesday, July 9. The main meeting will be July 5 - 7 at the Hotel Meliá (poster sessions) and at the CAM Cultural Center (oral presentations). The main meeting consists of 6 oral sessions (one each morning and afternoon) and 3 early evening poster sessions. Workshops will be held at the University Miguel Hernández (Medical School Campus) July 8 - 9. The conference dinner will take place in the Santa Bárbara castle overlooking the city and the sea on Sunday, July 6.

The CNS meeting is organized by the Computational Meeting Organization.

Program chair : Erik De Schutter (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Local organizer : Albert Compte (Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, UMH-CSIC, Spain)

Workshop organizer : Maneesh Sahani (University of California, San Francisco, USA)

Government Liaison : Dennis Glanzman (NIMH/NIH, USA) and Yuan Liu (NINDS/NIH, USA)

Program Committee :

Invited speakers :

Yang Dan (University California Berkeley, USA)
Peter Dayan (Gatsby Unit, London, UK)
Henry Markram (Brain Mind Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Call for papers :

Papers can include experimental, model-based, as well as more abstract theoretical approaches to understanding neurobiological computation. We especially encourage papers that mix experimental and theoretical studies. We also accept papers that describe new technical approaches to theoretical and experimental issues in computational neuroscience or relevant software packages.

The paper submission procedure is again completely electronic this year.

Paper Submission :

Papers for the meeting can be submitted ONLY through this web site. Papers can be submitted either as a 1000 word summary or as a full paper (max 6 typeset pages). Full papers stand a better chance of being accepted for oral presentation. You will need to submit the paper in pdf format (if necessary Elsevier can help in converting your paper to pdf) and the 100 word abstract as text. You will also need to select two categories which describe your paper and which will guide the selection of reviewers. In addition we encourage you to also submit your paper to the Elsevier preprint server. All submissions will be acknowledged by email.

The Review Process :

All submitted papers will be first reviewed by the program committee. Papers will be judged and accepted for the meeting based on the clarity with which the work is described and the biological relevance of the research. For this reason authors should be careful to make the connection to biology clear. We reject only a small fraction of the papers (~ 5%) and this usually based on absence of biological relevance (e.g. pure machine learning). We will notify authors of meeting acceptance before end of March.

The second stage of review involves evaluation of submissions which requested an oral presentation by two independent referees. In addition to perceived quality as an oral presentation, the novelty of the research and the diversity and coherence of the overall program will be considered. To ensure diversity, those who have given talks in the recent past will not be selected and multiple oral presentations from the same lab will be discouraged. All accepted papers not selected for oral talks as well as papers explicitly submitted as poster presentations will be included in one of three evening poster sessions. Authors will be notified of the presentation format of their papers by begin of May.

Conference Proceedings :

The proceedings volume is published each year as a special supplement to the journal Neurocomputing. In addition the proceedings are published in a hardbound edition by Elsevier Press.

Only 200 papers will be published in the proceedings volume. If more than 200 papers are submitted (which is likely) the following rules will apply: each presenting author (who has to register for the meeting) can publish at most one paper in the proceedings book. In case of multi-author papers the same rule applies: one of the authors is considered presenting author and this person has to register at the meeting and cannot publish another paper. If more than 200 presenting authors wish to publish their papers in the proceedings volume the ranking based on the review process will be used to select the top 200 papers. Paper submissions to the conference proceedings are a process separate from the current call for papers: a new submission will need to be done in the early fall of 2003 for which authors will receive detailed instructions.

For reference, papers presented at CNS*99 can be found in volumes 32-33 of Neurocomputing (2000), those of CNS*00 in volumes 38-40 (2001) and those of CNS*01 in volumes 44-46 (2002).

Poster dimensions :

maximum 180*180cm!

Information and administration :

Chris Ploegaert:

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