The INCF/OCNS Software Working Group

New announcement mailing list for the working group

At the meeting in April, members of the working group discussed how we can make it easier for us to keep up with the activities of the working group. While we do use GitHub tickets and receive notifications from GitHub for these, given that a lot of working group members have many many projects/repositories on GitHub makes these notifications quite noisy. This makes it easy for us to miss notifications related to the working group’s repository.

So, we agreed that a mailing list for announcements is the best way to go. Malin was kind enough to set up a mailing list for us on the INCF Mailman instance. You can subscribe to it here: and mail to it at incf-ocns-software-wg AT

This mailing list does not replace our GitHub tickets for discussion. GitHub tickets work very well for us because they allow us to organise and assign tasks to ourselves using all of GitHub’s features. Instead, this new mailing list is for announcements only. All announcements for events, or tickets that need input from working group members and the community will be sent here. This should ensure that everyone only has one well established channel of communication that needs to be monitored for working group updates.

Please subscribe to the mailing list (and join us!).